Pavers: The New Stone

Pavers: The New Stone

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When people think of pavers, they mentally recall chunks of concrete-looking stones in unnatural colors: pinkish, orange, yellowy beige, blue. The word “pavers” brings to mind an undulating patio of odd little puzzle pieces, every joint sprouting with weeds. Well, in the last decade, pavers have come a long way, baby. They’ve migrated from the wonky trash can pad next to the garage to the stunning wrap-around terrace of a multi-million-dollar home. Pavers have grown bigger, more textural, and more versatile. They’re not just pretending to be stone, and why should they? The new pavers have a flair of their own, and a vast array of colors, styles and textures unmatched by natural stone.

Pavers go every place you want to be

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Pavers can take you everywhere, and I truly mean everywhere. Through the garden, across the courtyard, up the terrace stairs, into the pool – the applications are limited only by your imagination. You’ll find stunning paver solutions for retaining walls, outdoor kitchens and unique water features. Pavers can transform a common concrete foundation into a distinct architectural feature. They can create an impressive set of stairs with grand single slabs. They can turn an unappealing expanse of asphalt into an elegant entry that complements the style of your home. There are so many paver options on the market today, your only dilemma will be in deciding which one (or two, or three!) appeals to you the most.    

Texture, pattern, and color create remarkable spaces

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The huge array of paver textures and finishes spans the design palette from industrial to old world, and polished elegance to rustic casual. Imagine a clean, contemporary terrace in a long, grained paver that’s indistinguishable from wood, or a set of imposing entry pillars that appear hand-hewn from granite. Consider a sunken lounge with a boldly graphic paver rug, or a pool deck coolly accented with smooth, understated slabs. The wide selection of colors, textures and patterns also ensures that pavers blend beautifully with natural stone. Our recent paver projects combine pavers with natural stone to craft spaces that are a step or two beyond the ordinary.

See it for yourself

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If you’re ready to enjoy the New Stone in a stunning driveway, patio or outdoor kitchen, give DLTC a call. Jon, Dave or Pat would be happy to walk you through a local paver showroom; we guarantee you’ll be amazed by the possibilities. Call us today, and let’s talk about a paver project that will make your outdoor spaces beautiful and enjoyable and be on the lookout for our blog post “Using the Winter to Plan Your Outdoor Space”             

Jon Sweeney

Pat has been an avid gardener throughout her adult life. Her education was in fine arts, with a further degree in commercial art. After a decade as an Art Director, Pat segued into landscaping, and has worked as a Landscape Designer in Fairfield County for the past twenty years.